Super arty concept

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This is a really cool idea and she (Alexa Meade) has pulled it off beautifully. I’m still amazed even after I see how it’s done, maybe I’m a little more amazed. I assume it’s easier to just do a normal painting, but to make a real person look like a painting must be tricky. Anyway, very cool and I hope you enjoy it too.–844

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What a way to see the world…

This guy is obviously an alien that has learnt to live amongst us humans and put up with our lack of awesome. He takes mountain biking to a whole new level. The scenery is amazing as are his skills on two wheels. Great video!

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You should know this guy.

More people need to know about this guy. What a nice style of guitar. Great melodies and his beats on the guitar are really cool. I’m seeing this more and more on the guitar and i’m a fan. Bring it on!

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Here they are again with a full concert. Great band. A mega talent from Perth Australia. I hope to see them in Europe sometime soon, it’s been too long between concerts for me.

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Piano man

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 21.18.24

Here’s a nice track from piano super freak Bill Laurance. I saw him perform in Germany with Snarky Puppy and he totally blew my mind. I strongly suggest checking out his new CD “Flint”. There’s some beautiful music on this CD and it takes you to some cool places.


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Always down for Snarky

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Here’s a full live concert of the great “Snarky Puppy” for your listening pleasure. What a great gig. I love this band and am considering hang Michael Leagues babies (just quietly) I hope to see them live again soon. If you haven’t, I highly recommend it.

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I’m not sure if nature knows how cool it is, but it’s pretty damn cool. I love how it can make old rubbishy stuff look awesome.

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Here’s a great selection of photos. I love the emotions they have captured and that they make you feel upon looking at them. The eyes on the baby in one shot are like an elf or something from the movies, crazy cool. I hope you enjoy them.

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Tiny House in Blue Mountains

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 17.42.37Well, you may have seen a bunch of these places pop up in this blog every now and then, and here’s another one. It actually belongs to an old school friend. Good on you Josh. This is another perfect example of living a more simple lifestyle. It must be so relaxing to be there, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy :)

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