Lesson time…

Yesterday was a great day for me. I finally had a guitar lesson with one of my favourite guitarist, Sydney based Jazz Fusion master James Muller. He has been a huge influence on my electric playing for over a decade now and it was great to finally sit in a room with him and jam. I would strongly suggest getting along to see him if jazz is your thing, even if it’s not, it’s just something amazing to see. You won’t be disappointed. So with some new ideas under my belt and some encouraging words from James I can now embark on my journey of improvised music once again. There’s something amazing about improvising which is one of the reasons i play music. It’s a feeling like no other.

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Guitarist, composer and graphic designer.
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4 Responses to Lesson time…

  1. kelly hunn says:

    very cool mate, hope the lesson went well.


  2. Jamie says:

    Wow nice! James is one of my favourite guitarist! would love to hear more about it! How did you line the lesson up? I’m really keen to have a lesson but he seems tricky to get a hold of, wasn’t sure if he was into teaching.


    • tobzlarone says:

      Hi, Yeah James is a beast for sure. I’d been trying for years but our gigging dates never lined up until this time. I sent him a message on FB because he was playing in Melbourne a week or 2 before i moved to France. He prefers to teach people who can already play but he’s super busy and doesn’t really need to do it. He’s a great guy and an amazing guitarist. Good Luck trying to pin him down. I think he’s in the States for a while.


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