Adventures in France

Recently my lovely partner and I went to France for a holiday. Yup, it was awesome. She grew up there so she showed me around all the cool places, towns, cities, countrysides, venues, restaurants and bars. It’s an amazing country and the people were so friendly and helpful. I met her family (lots of them) and they were so welcoming and fun. We ate, we drank, we ate and we even had some food…and wine 🙂  It converted me into a Frenchy, so we’ve decided to move over there and live in France.

Lyon is the city of choice and what a great city it is. Population of 2.5 million and all the food , wine and venues you could ever need. I was blown away by the whole city. I love the architecture and the amount of inspiration i got from just walking around was mind blowing. I can’t wait to be sitting down with a wine and my guitar writing new songs inspired by my surroundings or hitting the nightlife with my girl and experiencing life.I highly recommend it as a holiday destination if you’re looking at traveling through Europe any time in the future.

Vive la France!

About thguitarist

Guitarist, composer and graphic designer.
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