Lyon travels…

I thought i’d share a little more from the recent trip to France. It’s hard not to fall in love with this country, when the people are so welcoming, the food is amazing (and cheap) and the atmosphere is really happening. Walking through the streets of these cities and towns is something truly amazing. Having lived in Australia for most of my life it’s hard to get my head around countries that have so much history. It’s great to get out of the bigger cities and be surrounded by beautiful countryside and quaint little towns and villages all with something special to offer. I was lucky enough to have my partner with me to show me around properly so it wasn’t just an average holiday for me. We went to visit her family in Les Salettes, Saint Vincent and Le Puy and i loved all of them. I made friends with cows, horses & donkeys which was huge for me. I never grew up around farm animals so this was really cool. I ate fresh organic produce from the family gardens and it was the best and healthiest i’ve ever eaten. Their life style is something to be envious of. So, the beauty of all of this is that’d my partner and I are moving to Lyon soon and these beautiful towns we went to are not far away at all and there’s plenty of them. So, we’ll be traveling around a lot and exploring. It’s funny, having lived in Australia, i’m use to driving long distances to get to my destination (e.g. parents are a 45 hour drive, brother is 25 hour drive) so, considering the size of Europe compared to Australia, i think i’ll be fine. It’s weird selling all my possessions but it’s so exciting at the same time. Can’t wait.

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