And we begin….

Well, after a crazy couple of weeks and extremely nuts lasts few days (made even worse by the massive road works on our street) we got to the airport on time and managed to dodge a $250 excess baggage fee. Maybe it was due to me expressing my disgust at Teltra’s parting gift of a $500 fee for breaking contract which i was told by Telstra would be fine and i wouldn’t have to pay anything when we spoke a week ago (Teltra, being shifty?!?!?! never) Anyhoo, so we moved onto the typical airport meal, Hungry Jacks. When wanted to pig out and spend our last Aussie dollars, all 20 of them, alas we went over budget, BUT the sneaky girl gave it all to us anyway. So, our departure from Melbourne and Australia was going well so far. We dodged a standard plain trip hassle too, no screaming children. BONUS. I think it was one of the quietest flights ever, and considering it was almost 14 hours long i’m stoked i didn’t have to flush a baby…..again. I slept a bit and Léa passed out nicely for about 6 hours or so, food was good, service was slooooow. We got stranded near the toilets because we broke the golden rule, never go to the loo during food service. I think we were standing for half an hour which i guess isn’t so bad considering we’re on such a long flight. So, Etihad did pretty well and we’ve made it to Abu Dhabi feeling relatively good albeit sleep deprived and thoroughly rooted.

The funny thing is that this whole moving to France to live thing hasn’t sunk in much at all. I have the odd thought here and there but mostly it’s just like, yeah, whatever….So, i’m sure over the coming days and months it’ll be sinking in and spinning me out. I look forward to it. A fresh start from the bottom up, sink or swim or even just a steady doggy paddle. BIGGEST ADVENTURE EVER, LOOK OUT!!!

Sooooo tired at Abu Dhabi airport..

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1 Response to And we begin….

  1. Pamela Hack says:

    So far, so good. You have earned a good rest when you finally arrive in Lyon.
    Stay safe, keep us informed on this log . I look forward to hearing all your adventures. Mum


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