Planes, trains & automobiles…

There’s nothing like 20 hours on a plane (with not much sleep) stewing in a thousand farts, followed by a bus ride then a train trip to make you smell like the back end of a rotting hippo…Mmmmm The first shower in France was better than sex and the sleep that followed was complete bliss.

ok, enough grotty talk for now…

Well we made it to Paris and then onto Villefranche without a hiccup. It always amazes me how quickly you can get to the other side of the world. It’s nuts and i’m sure it’s only going to get quicker in years to come. We were very lucky and managed to avoid screaming babies for the entire trip! There was the odd tantrum (not me) in airports but over all it was the quietest trip ever! So here i am on day one, sorting out internet, new mobile phones, bank accounts etc so the adventure has officially begun…. The weather is really nice and fresh, we have arrived at the beginning of Spring, so it’s cool but comfortable, my favourite and how cool it is to escape another shitty Melbourne winter.

I realised today that i must have been getting into the swing of things back in Oz when i was selling/ throwing away all my possessions because i threw out some jeans i needed so i’m down to one pair (sacrilege) All good though i have some pantalons and it just means i need to do some serious clothes shopping 🙂 This is something that is pretty cool in France (unlike Australia) so, I’m looking forward to hitting the streets and finding some new clothes and getting funky. I’m still scattered and will be for a little while I’m sure but once the jet lag has worn off it’ll be GO TIME!

Outside Paris Station.


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