For the weekend we went to Uchizy which is where Léa has her family country house. It’s beautiful and very relaxing. Just down the road is Chardonnay and many other great little towns and villages. We met up with Léa’s brother Guillaume and his partner Lise and we ate, we drank, we explored, we even picked daffodils which are at the end of season but they are still around if you hunt for them. We were in the hills being attacked by thorny bushes while picking the flowers but we made it out alive. I ate some radishes the french way, this is to cut them down the middle and put a little butter in the gap and add a little salt and CHOMP!! They were great, so my taste buds are getting a work out too which is always a good thing. I decided this time to do a video, the quality is ok but it’s a little shaky because I’m using an iPhone. Anyway, enjoy…

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2 Responses to Uchizy

  1. Karen says:

    Every time I see photos of the lovely French countryside, it makes my want to buy a plane ticket. France is one of my favorite countries to visit. Enjoy!


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