We went on a quick trip to Chalon for a few hours and a few drinks…. We met up with an old school friend of Léa’s (Löick) and his partner (Tiphane) and had a nice meal followed by enough drinks to loosen me up to speak the little french i know

and to give me a nice headache the following day. So i snapped away from when i got out of the car until i got back in (There was quite a few bad shots) It’s a great place and one of the bigger towns i’ve been to this time. We went there on our last trip and there was a great street festival on at the time (Chalon dans la Rue) which was fantastic. They had street performers doing acrobatics, comedy, music etc The food was great and plentiful and the beer was flowing. It’s a great location for it and it was a blast. This time was a lot more chilled out but the place is still awesome. Once again i’m gobsmacked by these old buildings.  I look around and see normal shops like a pharmacy or a butcher but they are in the most awesome old buildings, even the crappy beaten up and worn out ones looks cool. Love it. So, here’s a quick vid of Chalon. Enjoy


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