Le Puy en Velay

This is a beautiful place and has the most amazing buildings. There’s one perched on the top of a random hill which makes you wonder how the hell the built it. Whatever they did, it would’ve been damn hard and would’ve taken a long time. This is the town that is know for a type of green lentils, the green and tasty green liqueur called Verveine and Lace . There’s a bunch of little shops scattered around where you can buy lots of nice little bits and pieces made of lace. The art form itself looks pretty tricky and not for the impatient. Once again, this place is filled with amazing architecture and is just amazing to walk around. I’m real enjoying the vibe here it’s really nice. We wandered through the cathedral which has a great view and just soaked it all up. Great little spot.

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Guitarist, composer and graphic designer.
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