Les Salettes

One of my favourites, this place is very special, not just because of the landscapes. Léa’s uncles, aunties, grandparents and cousins etc live here in their own street and they are all so lovely. They are super friendly and they all get together and eat their own organic fruits and veggies so the food is great and as fresh as it gets. I’ve been here twice now an felt so welcome and enjoyed it immensely both times. The location is stunning and you can’t help but feel relaxed as you look out the the rolling hills and villages that litter the countryside. On this quick visit I was lucky enough to experience snow. I haven’t seen snow for over 10 years and it was awesome. Looking out the window from the toasty indoors watching the next hills slowly become more white with snow. It did however make our departure a little slower than we would have liked. We hit the road and all was good but tit didn’t take long until we were amongst it all. The snow became thicker and the road more slippery. There were some cars having problems staying on the road and some couldn’t get on it. Léa drove like a seasoned pro so we didn’t have any problems and got back to Villefranche in one piece.  So good to see the snow again and next time i’ll take advantage of it and do a bit of skiing me thinks 🙂

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