Ok, so we headed to Dijon for a friends birthday. Just a nice meal and some drinks and chillin out. We did get a chance for a brief but delightful walk through Dijon’s centre ville. This is a beautiful city. I won’t repeat myself again and go on about the beautiful buildings and amazing stuff etc. So, i’ll mention something else. If you didn’t know “Dijon” is the land of mustard and boy did i get a surprises when i walked into a place that gave taste tests of mustard from what i can only describe as beer taps. They had 3 and there was also little pots of mustard with mini bread sticks to taste. I do believe i tried the cognac flavoured mustard and to my surprise….i didn’t like it at all. I don’t really like mustard in general, although i don’t mind the typical American style that you put on hotdogs, which reminds, i had a MAD hotdog today, mmm so good. Ok, back to Dijon….there was all these little triangles on the ground that led you to to these old buildings with these little carved owls on the corners which is where you place your left hand and make a wish. I didn’t know what to wish for really, considering i now live in france and life’s pretty damn good. We ate, we walked, we drank, we slept. All in all, another great place to visit and will easily go back and spend more time there in the not too distant future.

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