Well, it was bound to happen….my first gig in France. I got a 20 minute spot to play at this venue called “The Blogg” and I must say, I was quite nervous. I had practiced but wasn’t fully prepared but i do like to jump in the deep end. I decided to play all original tunes and I had some serious butterflies but it was the good kind. My hands we clammy and my heart was pumping, I hadn’t played a proper solo gig in over 3 years or more. The crowd seemed to enjoy it and it was fun but i was glad to get it out of the way. I now need to get back into writing mode because i was accepted into the La Fete de la Musique for a 30 minute slot next month on the world music stage and i want to be ready and have some cool fresh tunes. I hope to find a percussionist to play with to help me groove away. It’s now a matter of  meeting the right people and jamming my life away. My lady has been super helpful and without her i’m sure my first gig would still be weeks away. It’ll be great when I can actually speak French….Good times ahead. I also took part in my first jam session and played and improv funk/jazz thing which was great. A style i love to play but haven’t for many years. There’ll be more of this for sure, and i can’t wait.

About thguitarist

Guitarist, composer and graphic designer.
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