Gypsy Lyon Festival

Well this past week was the gypsy festival in Lyon. I was pretty excited, being a big fan of gypsy music in general. We started off with a night in Croix Rousse and the band was a Gypsy Jazz trio…Well, the place was packed before we got there so we sat outside and listened and ate crepes and from what i could hear, they were damn good. It was funny because the place is full and then you hear this noise coming down the street and it’s a pack of about 30 romaine gypsies of all ages wanting to get in, and they tried… and tried, but it just wasn’t going to happen. After a while of hanging around, they moved on and so did we. The next gig was “Los Piratas” and once again, the place was quite cozy, we were starting to see a pattern. These guys did a gypsy kings thing and fit it quite well but it was so hot all squished into this place that we ended up leaving after 3 tunes, but they’re locals so i’ll see them again soon no doubt. The next mission was a big day on the saturday and i went out early to see a traditional flamenco group with the works. Singing, dancing and cool guitar. They were good and played for ages, they were introduced by a bunch of cute little kids singing something and then a romaine gypsy kid got up and sang a tune that seemed very traditional to me and sounded really cool. It was funny because he had the attitude and when the crowd cheered he soaked it all up, i think he even took the little kids applause too 🙂

After meeting up with Léa and some friends we went off to eat. Time for some beer and burgers at Ninkasi….YUUUMMMMMM. Love that place. Then it was back to the head lining act “Les Doigt de L’Homme” and they were amazing. I’d actually randomly bought their CD 8 months earlier and liked it so this was a sweet deal….Oh, and this was all free buy the way. It’s interesting here the way the musicians seem to be treated better than what i’m used to in Australia. It’s nice i must say, and they got a real soundcheck and then got to walk off stage and do their show the way they wanted. It was cool, all coming out one by one and then just going crazy, in their own way. What a gig. So, there’s heaps to see and do here and coming up is Jazz a Vienne which will be huge and awesome and only takes me 30 minute to get their from my front door so i’ll be seeing some great stuff. So much to choose from……

Photo of “Les Doigt de L’Homme” by Loïck Queret

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  1. Pamela Hack says:

    Living the dream and loving it :))


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