Life in Jocks….


This was written 8 months ago now, i’ve been very slack with my blog. Anyway, here it is…

Well, it’s been over four months now in my new home and new country. It’s been crazy to say the least. I owe a lot to my partner Léa for taking care of all the paper work with was well and truly beyond me. So i have my bank card and health care is sorted out, i’m just waiting for  my “carte vitale” which i flash to get my cheap medical goodies.

So, where to start….There’s been a lot going on, the old runner, getting kissed by a gay bartender, having an old man give me the finger, seeing and old guy and a prostitute, befriending a donkey or two….and that was just this morning (joking) I may repeat myself from the other big story i wrote “And it begins..” so i apologise in advance. Anyway, i was doing french lessons once a week which was good because that has been the biggest challenge by far. I’ve travelled enough in the past to non english speaking countries and it was fine, but to actually move away from Australia to live in a foreign country is a big difference and i’m loving it. This place is beautiful and has so much to offer. I’m starting to get my head around the language and can talk more than i expected to be able too. It was, and still is the understanding of it that is the big issue. I’m sure that’s the way it is whenever you learn another language, but i was just with Léas family in Les Salettes and they were all impressed with my improvement which was a good boost for me. I still have dumb days and forget everything but that’s to be expected. I’ll be starting up the lessons again after the holidays and may be swapping french lessons for guitar lesson soon as well.

I went out a few times and met some cool people, frenchies and even a kiwi. There’s always something going on here and the support for the arts is mind blowing to me, coming from Australia where if you don’t have something to do with kicking or hitting a  ball it’s not going to be that great for you (although it’s improving). I even watched some of the opera (for the first time) The cool thing was that the real Opera was playing in the theatre and they had set up a huge screen in the square close by and people could watch it for free. So, i checked t out for a while…turns out, i still don’t like opera 🙂


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