One year already?!!?!?!

Ok, so i’ve been really slack with this blog but damn this year has gone by very fast. It’s hard to believe. I’m still feeling a little strange but i’m settling in more. Friends that have also moved over seas says it takes a few years to feel like a “local”…well, as much as you can anyway. I’ve improved a lot more with my french and can have more normal conversations now which is good but i still have a lot of difficulty in understanding people. I started going to “Franglish” recently and it’s best described as speed dating for language. It’s been great and i’m off to my 3rd one tonight. Basically it’s at a bar (good start) and you sit one on one with a french speaker and talk for 7 minutes in french and then swap to english and then move on to a different person. It’s a great way to learn and meet new people in a friendly environment. I think even though i’ve only been twice so far, it’s given me a boost with the language which is great. I also listen to the radio to try and get my head around it.

I’ve done about 12 concerts now which is a lot less than i’m used to doing but it’s been a nice break. The way they organise gigs here is very different in that they organise them months in advance. They also have the same problems of double booking and replacing me with a DJ so it’s good/sad to know that this crap happens over here too. People do seem to like my music here which i good and i’m slowly meeting more musician who i may collaborate with someday. I did start playing with a percussionist which is great fun and the sound is more in the direction i want it to be. Not much of a fan of playing solo.

I also survived my first winter, which was quite cold compared to what i’m used to. There was snow which was great and i never got sick of that. There wasn’t heaps but just enough. I think the coldest it got was -16degrees (maybe) It was still nice because i’m used to Melbourne which is gloomy, cold and wet but it was sunny with blue skies here even when it was freezing cold. It wasn’t awesome all the time and i did get caught out in the cold rain at night 3 times or so, but that’s not bad. I’m definitely ready for some sunshine now though. Like most places i guess, it becomes alive and bubbling with people when the sun is out and it’s such a beautiful city, you can get drunk on the buzz. So, soon enough it’ll be warm again and trips to the park, guitar along the river, beers in the sun etc will be a regular event.

So, the first year is down and i can’t believe how fast it’s gone. Crazy. I’m sure the next year has more excitement and fun ready for the picking. BRING IT ON LYON!!!

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1 Response to One year already?!!?!?!

  1. Pamela Hack says:

    Always enjoy your blogs even though they are a bit sporadic. Keep up the good work.


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