Hi all,

I’m just practicing again and thought I’d share this awesomeness with you all. For anyone interested in or already playing Flamenco guitar, or doing anything flamenco related, in fact something musical 🙂  this Metronome is the best practice tool I’ve ever come across. It makes the boring stuff less boring, or dare I say it…fun. This is a metronome mainly for the Flamencos and it has the fantastic ability to improvise so it’s not playing the same thing over and over…and over again. I’m sure we can all relate to the monotony of the metronome and wanting to stab ourselves in the ears with a blunt pencil. Well, enough blabber, buy this app and enjoy life just a little bit more. It was developed under the watchful eye of world class guitarist (and top bloke) Jason McGuire and can be purchased here http://doctorcompas.com

You won’t regret it.

About thguitarist

Guitarist, composer and graphic designer.
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