He owned the crowd

My friend introduced me to this guy on a chilled night at his place in Germany with some fine German beer and and huge flatscreen TV. I was captivated like I haven’t been in a long time. The power this guy has I found incredible. He has a special ‘thing’ that just sucks you in. He plays cruisey folk tunes and I just really enjoyed it, but even his banter between the songs was cool. He seemed to really connect with the crowd and they loved it. So, i’m enjoying this right now. It wasn’t till he played “Let Her Go” that I realised that I had heard him on the radio. He plays guitar nicely too and accompanies himself really well.   All round great gig.

About thguitarist

Guitarist, composer and graphic designer.
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2 Responses to He owned the crowd

  1. You’re right. He’s awesome. I didn’t connect the name with the song on the radio. Now I know and will get more of his music.


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