See you there…

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 2.08.37 pmThese places look totally amazing. I always am shocked when I meet people that don’t like to travel, especially when there’s places like these to check out. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good comfort zone, but I also like smashing that zone to pieces and living a little.  There’s so much to see in this world and I know I’ll probably get to see only 1% of all of it’s awesomeness, but that won’t stop me trying to get to 2%. So, get off ya bums people, you don’t even have to leave your city, just go somewhere you haven’t been yet. Try something new, LIVE!

PS:Great photo work too.

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4 Responses to See you there…

  1. Travel is a passion of mine, and it does surprise me when people don’t want to travel even if they could afford to, but I guess it’s just a matter of having different priorities and having different things that make them happy.

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    • thguitarist says:

      I agree, everyone has different priorities. It just seems such a shame to me because whenever I go away, even within the same city, I get reenergised. It’s so good for the soul. I find it help me focus more on the everyday life stuff once I’ve been away, like last week I just went to a park for 2 hours with a friend and felt like I could take on the world after that 🙂


  2. thguitarist says:

    Totally, you got the bug too 😉


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