Macedonia part 1

I didn’t really do any research into Macedonia before coming here, I was invited to go the wedding of a friend of a friend, so I said “why the hell not”. After our brief but eventful stay in Milan we ventured to the airpot for our 2 hour flight into Skopje where we were picked up by the wedding couple, and a lovely couple they are. The grey clouds where looking nasty and as we left the airport and got 5 minutes down the road the heavens opened up and I think 70% of the world water decided to fall from above. Anyway, we took a nice drive to a restaurant and let our hosts take good care of us. We were introduced to a local drink which is one of those typical drinks that should probably be used as fuel and we ate 3 days worth of food for lunch and i feel like im still recovering (4 days later), so it became very apparent that this place is about food and alcohol ūüėČ ¬†The food was great and plentiful and after consuming 5 times our own body weight in local cuisine we hit the road. They took us to the city centre and showed us the sites and luckily the rain chilled out a bit so we could wander around¬†without getting drenched. It’s a very random looking city and with good reason. It was mostly destroyed by an earthquake and when they started to rebuild it they used a few different architects (who obviously didn’t communicate with each other) which resulted in anything but continuity in the look of the city. In saying that though, it still has some really cool buildings, fountains and statues scattered around it. To me it seems like a mixture of places I’ve been before like Vietnam, India and some¬†European countries. We went to¬†the home (majorly renovated) of Mother Theresa and had a quick look around just before the heavens opened up again, so, what do you do in these situations?? you go to the nearest bar. I started with a coffee and quickly moved onto the cheapest Mojito I have ever seen. Macedonia is a cheap country and that is a wonderful thing, especially when travelling. I think the Mojito came to about ‚ā¨2.60 instead of the normal ‚ā¨7/8 they normally are, so that’s a rough idea of the price difference here, and what an awesome thing that is. So we chatted away and let the rain come down until there was enough of a break to make a dash to the car and head off. We needed to drive through the mountains to the south west coast to a place called Struga where we would be staying, so we hit the road and got to see some beautiful scenery. It was a 3.5 hour drive and we were super tired so we slept a bit before reaching our destination. Struga is a small town next to a huge lake and we got to wander around for a little bit before our hosts picked us up to take us to Ohrid. After some more driving through nice mountain ranges and little villages we arrived just outside Ohrid to check out the nice little “museum of bones” which had a little floating village to show the way people were living back in the day. Very cool, and wow, the clearest water I’ve seen in a long time. Then we hit the road again briefly before arriving at our new destination. It was a nice little place to see before heading off for more food. So, back in the car to head toward Bitola. We drove for 2 hours or so and arrived just outside Bitola where we met up with some others and swapped the car for 2 4×4’s for some back breaking off road action to get¬†up the mountain for a big family bbq. What a beautiful and relaxing location it was. There was about 20 people there and enough food to sink a ship and one funky toilet (far from the worst I’ve ever seen). They really like to cook the meat well, really well, but it still tasted good and I also decided to try something different, so for the first time I ate lambs brains and I can safely say that I never need to do that again. So, we drank and ate and danced traditional Macedonian style before walking back down the mountain which took just over an hour. Good times and lovely people. We drove back to our new hosts house to sleep and get prepared for the next day. Woohoo…IMG_0667

IMG_0660 IMG_0656IMG_0659 IMG_0655 IMG_0649
IMG_0653 IMG_0654


Day 1 in Skpoje

IMG_0513 IMG_0515 IMG_0524 IMG_0531 IMG_0535 IMG_0538
IMG_0543 IMG_0545 IMG_0549 IMG_0555 IMG_0556 IMG_0557 IMG_0560

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2 Responses to Macedonia part 1

  1. Pamela Hack says:

    Looks like you are having lots of fun, alcohol, food, alcohol, scenery, alcohol. Nice to see a new country with locals. Interesting building, lovely scenery.


  2. Pamela Hack says:

    Now that I have had a bit longer to look at your photos many of the statues and buildings are decidedly Eastern Block looking. When Macedonia was part of Yugoslavia it was very much under the gaze of Russia. Love the wooden boat and cart by the water in part two., very tranquil. You take a mean photo.


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