3 countries 1 day

Travel time again and this one is full of new places to see. Traveling with friends Sylwia and Bridgette we had been invited by Sylwia to her home town in Poland and decided to make a road trip out of it so we could see a bunch of different places on the way. We left Lyon at 7:30am and first stop was Metz where we just had a quick look around and had an amazing Thai lunch which is actually one of the best i’ve had in ages and it was quite cheap too. Good one Metz. Our next stop wasn’t too far away, Luxembourg, which was only 70 kms away.
We arrived and we were greeted by nice old architecture and multi coloured autumn trees scattered around. It’s a nice place and had a cool vibe. We stayed and wandered around the city and explored a nice park area that was full of huge colourful trees and it was so nice and relaxing. It’s a bit chilly now but the fresh air was great and added to the experience. It seems like a nice place and may be worth coming back to stay for a little longer than 2 hours 🙂
Next, we hit the road for our first main destination, Bruges. Now, this is still really strange for me, an Australian, even though I have traveled a lot it still amazes me that you can get in a car and drive though many different countries in one day (or driving to another country in general) and I’m not sure I’ll ever get use to it, but it’s really cool considering you can drive for days in Australia and you’ll still be in Australia. Bummer!
So, this is always a cool and exciting thing for me to do.
So, we hit the road and battled our way through speeding european drivers (crazy) and headed to Bruges which is a place I’ve been curious about for years. Finally it’s happening. I think it was also an inspired destination after watching the movie “In Bruges” but I’ve also heard it mentioned as a cool place to check out by many people I’ve spoken too.
So, we arrive at the place we’re staying and drop off our bags and headed off to the city centre and in the words of todays youth with limited communication and vocabulary skills “OMG” what an awesome place. It’s like a fairytale with it’s amazing buildings and canals and the people seem really friendly. We walked though the centre and let the experience sink in. There was many people around enjoying the fresh night air and we pulled up some chairs at a bar and ordered some beers and chips with a local specialty “croquettes” which is like most others i’ve had before. How can you go wrong with crumbed and fried cheese?? You can’t, and they had a shrimp version too. The beers went down nicely and we soaked up the atmosphere. The staff were really friendly and mentioned some other places to check out but as we’d been in the car a lot we decided to call it a night and headed home. On our way back to the car I couldn’t help taking photos every 5 meters, trying to capture the romantic and relaxed kind of vibe that bruges has.
Unfortunately my night photos didn’t work out so tonight I will take my proper camera with tripod to try and capture some of the awesome. I recently bought a go pro camera and was trying to explore how it functions and it’s limitations and it turns out that it’s like most simple cameras (iPhones etc) and without good lighting, the photos don’t work out too well. Anyway, tonight will be different. It’s just before lunch now and we’re about to head out to try a nice restaurant and then do some daytime exploration before having our last night here. We may have to eat chocolate and waffles…and all sorts of other stuff, It’ll be tough but I’m sure i’ll manage 🙂
So here’s the photos so far… First up is Metz


















Next is Luxembourg














and Bruges (first night)


IMG_0123 IMG_0131 IMG_0141 IMG_0153 IMG_0163 IMG_0179 IMG_0185

I was practicing my night photography so there’s a few repeat photos, I just couldn’t decide which one to use










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3 Responses to 3 countries 1 day

  1. Pamela Hack says:

    Would love to be on this trip. I have wanted to go to Bruges for decades and never got there, sounds like you are having fun.


  2. Pamela Hack says:

    Forgot to mention love the pics the buildings and the autumnal colours. I miss them living in the tropics, next year I’ll be there to experience them 😉


  3. thguitarist says:

    I apologise for the double up photos, I had computer issues. I have fixed them up and tomorrow I hope to have the next batch of photos from Bruges. It’s such a photogenic place.


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