Moulin Bruges

Day 2:

Bruges, oh Bruges….My life is now measured before and after this holiday destination. This place has something magical about it and I can’t recommend it enough. There’s an amazing energy and feel in Bruges. Fantasy land. It’s nice and easy to walk around and take it all in. There’s a chocolate or waffle shop/van nearby so you that’s pretty cool. I had 2 waffles and tried some local chocolate…..drooooool. There’s was an interesting chocolate shop with chocolate tools that looked like normal rusty tools, weird but looked cool and in the same shop they had chocolate genitals among other things so that was quite an interesting discovery. We walked around and took it all in, it’s just so easy to just be happy to wander through the streets sampling the food and beer. The people were friendly and the general atmosphere was great. We took a 30 minute boat ride through the canals and enjoyed the funny accent of the guide who told us all the interesting information about the buildings and the city. The houses are quaint and apparently super expensive, but I’m not surprised as it does come across as a wealthy place. So we ate, drank, ate, walked, drank walked and ate and then we headed back to chill for a bit before coming back at night for me to try out some night photos. The place looks amazing at night and I tried to capture it on my camera but it was difficult as it was my first proper time exploring my camera but some turned out well. I would highly recommend a visit to Bruges and experience it for yourself because no amount of my photos and words can express the pure awesomeness of this place.  Enjoy

IMG_0293 IMG_0288 IMG_0265 IMG_0261 IMG_0256 IMG_0259 IMG_0243 IMG_0242 IMG_0238 IMG_0219 IMG_0154 IMG_0146 IMG_0145 IMG_0143 IMG_0138 IMG_0136

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3 Responses to Moulin Bruges

  1. Pamela Hack says:

    Looks like wonderland and chocolate too, paradise.


  2. Eve says:

    I’ve never been there so now I want to go !!! thanks Toby to share , the pictures are beautiful .


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