We had the end of our whirlwind week away in sight, so we were up early in Nuremburg (Germany) where we stayed for a night and we hit the road. We arrived at night and were too tired to explore it so I have no pictures of it and we had a big drive ahead of us to get back to Lyon, maybe next time I’ll check it out. I was driving and saw a sign for a place that Sylwia had mentioned and it’s 4 hours north of Lyon called “Colmar” and I had seen the pictures and it looked awesome so we decided to go there for lunch and a very quick walk around the city centre. I will have to go back there for a better look (and better photos) because it was another beautiful city with a nice feel to it. It was a bit annoying that as soon as we crossed the french border the rain came but we were very lucky for our trip so I shouldn’t complain. Colmar is a quaint little place and the photos don’t do it justice, I was too much of a zombie to use my proper camera so these are just iPhone pictures. I put them through Adobe Lightroom to try and make them a bit better and more interesting. It was my first time using this program and it seems pretty cool. Anyway, we ate pizza and walked briefly through the city centre and it was awesome, a definite must see if you’re in the area. And that concludes another quick trip through some amazing places in Europe, we were trying to figure out how many countries we had all been to and this trip took my tally up to around 24 (I’m sure there’s a few more) which is pretty cool but there’s still so much more to explore. Great fun and great people. Good times 🙂

IMG_1565 IMG_1569 IMG_1572 IMG_1574 IMG_1576 IMG_1578 IMG_1581 IMG_1585 IMG_1588 IMG_1589 IMG_1590

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1 Response to Colmar-vellous

  1. Pamela Hack says:

    You have visited some fairytale looking places, this one looks fantastic. You also have an eye for interesting photo composition.


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