Learn stuff for free with Creative Live

Here’s a great site full of helpful information. At has live classes which are then repeated a fewe times before you have to pay for them. It has many topics including things like, Music (recording, industry etc), Photography (Photoshop, Lightroom etc), Marketing and bla bla bla… So check it out and sign up for some cool free stuff. I’ve learnt heaps from these classes.


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Running Away – with EYM Trio

Here’s the second video from the concerts at Le Peristyle with EYM Trio. I wrote this song in 2014 and it’s based on the flamenco rhythm of the Bulerias (12/8). It was an experience I wont forgot any time soon and I’m looking forward to more work with these guys in the future. Thank you EYM Trio ;)

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Believe with EYM Trio

I was lucky enough to play with the EYM Trio at Le Peristyle in Lyon during the summer and here’s the first video from it. It was great fun and look forward to playing more with this great group of musicians.

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Shifter (Teaser)

Here’s a little teaser from “Shifter” a funk band I play with in Lyon. It’s not the best video quality but you get the idea. Long live the funk!!

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Ruca “I put a spell on you” Cover

Here’s a little duo from Ruca. An intro song before we played with our funk band Shifter.

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Ruca Teaser 2

Here’s another  little video of my duo “Ruca” Funky acoustic goodies for your ears.

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Zuho “Teaser”

Here’s a “Teaser” from my duo “Zuho” with Stephane Zangara singing. There’ll be more videos to come. Enjoy

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Tigran Hamasyan “Mockroot” Live concert

Well, one of my favourite musicians has a full concert for the latest CD “Mockroot”. I’m watching it now and getting pumped. I love this guy and I suggest checking out his other CD’s if you like this concert. He’s amazing and always surrounded by great musicians. Enjoy

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Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 20.34.26

I’m really into these photos. It seems pretty trendy at the moment to do this and in this case I think it worked out really well. Andreas Lie, based in Bergen Norway did these images.


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Jyoti Duo “Teaser”

Hello everyone, here’s a long teaser from a recent rehearsal. There’ll be more videos to come (hopefully from our first concert) and I’ll be sharing as much as I can. I will be recording these songs for my debut CD and can’t wait for it to be finished, but alas, I will be waiting a little while as these things take time ;) Enjoy and please share it with anyone that may like this style of music. Cheers

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