I really dig these little houses/apartment/whatevers, and this one has taken pole position. The amount of cool stuff they have included is amazing, and it’s a truck. A truly awesome mobile home. Check it out!


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Help with NEW WEB SERIES!!!

Hi, Please go to this youtube site and subscribe if you’re interested in this new web series by a good friend of mine. It’s time to help out the little people!!!! hahah

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Jyoti Trio “Believe” (LIVE @ Second Souffle)

Here’s my song “Believe” from the first concert of my new trio.
Jyoti Trio played at Second Souffle 28/03/15. It was a fun night and now the first concert is done, we can focus on more concerts for the future. I hope you enjoy it. The sound isn’t that great but there’ll be more better quality videos coming soon. Cheers

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Le Tigran (new song)

For anyone interested, I wrote a new tune and programmed the bass and drums to give my band a rough idea of what I want. Good fun and a little different from what I have been writing. It’s inspired by my new favourite pianist “Tigran Hamasyan”, who’s new CD is super cool. It’s not polished at all as it is for rehearsal purposes only, but I thought I’d share it anyway.

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Mind Blown

This is great. What a cool concept.


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3D Graffiti…WTF??

I can’t believe this. It’s insane and totally awesome.

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Take your Last Breath

Here’s another play along video. They get harder to play along with the more improvising I do but it does the job. More people are showing interest in how I play the guitar so this is another video to show what I’m doing. I will start to do more live videos soon once I’ve figured out the camera & lighting side of things. Hope you enjoy it.


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Believe (play along)

Hi all, here’s me doing another play along to a song I’m working on for my debut CD. It’s getting there, slowly. This one is based on the Tangos flamenco rhythm.

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Gypsy Jazz MAYHEM!!!

Hey there peeps, if you’re like me and you dig the gypsy jazz manouche sounds then check these guys out. Les Doigts de l’Homme are a guitar based manouche quartet that are totally nuts. I saw them live 2 years ago at the Lyon Gypsy Festival and they were awesome. Get into it ;)

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Rockin the new year

Here’s another ripping tune from the soon to be released double concept album from Periphery.

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